Minha Terra – About Us

Wine, marc, cheese or hams are some of the offered products. Minha Terra, a harmony that combines tradition, craftsmanship and nature obtaining a high gastronomic expression for those who seek to try an authentic flavor.
Minha Terra keeps a delicate selection of products that takes us in time to the reencounter with the original taste of a land and gastronomy with character such as the Spanish and Portuguese. Our products bring you to these lands, making you feel at home and/or remember unforgettable moments lived in these unique lands. Quality, personality, cultureā€¦flavors and aroma from Galicia and north of Portugal, two sister regions with unbreakable bond that combine melancholy with the desire to live and enjoy pleasures such as gastronomy.
We address to specialized importers in Spanish and Portuguese products, gourmet importers that serve specialized retailers and HORECA, without leaving behind the German final consumer, to which his main purchase motivation is pleasure, outcome from the satisfaction of remembering a moment/place (memories of a trip, family, flavors, sensationā€¦)
Our products will allow you to remember the best flavors from a land that has a special bond.